Let's put an end to dirty heavy fuel oil cruises!

Cruise line companies want to project an image of clean dream journeys. But the reality is grim: Most cruise ship burn the dirtiest fuel available - heay fuel oil. This must end! Send an email to the largest cruise ship companies now to demand change. 

When heavy fuel oil is burned, ship engines not only emit huge amounts of CO2, but also giant quantities of pollutants that are dangerous to humans and the environment, such as black carbon, sulfur and nitrogen oxides. This pollutes the natural paradises and beautiful port cities the cruise ships head to. If the toxic fuel gets into the sea it has terrible effects on nature - we've all seen pictures of oil-smeared birds and beaches. 

Cruise lines continue to use cheap and toxic heavy fuel oil, even though there is a solution: For ten years, NABU has been demanding that companies finally switch to the much cleaner marine diesel. This demand is supported by many other environmental groups. Marine diesels still is a fossil fuel, but a big reduction in pollution and risk. Marine diesel exhaust gases can also be cleaned more easily: Soot particle filters and catalytic converters must become standard, just as they are for cars. Ultimately all cruise ships must switch to clean electricity-based fuels. Ending the use of heavy oil fuel is an important step in this direction.

It's disappointing that cruise lines have been promising exactly this for years. It's hard to believe their promises to become climate-neutral by 2050 or even 2040 if they can't get off this toxic fuel. 

Help us end the use of heavy fuel oil in the cruise industry and join us in challenging AIDA, TUI Cruises, COSTA Crociere, MSC Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Carnival Corporation and Norwegian Cruise Line. Send them an email using our tool. Don't worry about your privacy, your email address will be encrypted.